Biweekly, we’ll round up the hottest news across the DeFi ecosystem to help you keep up to speed.   

Aave ($AAVE), a lending DeFi protocol, announced plans to release its own stablecoin called $GHO. (The DeFiant

Actor Bill Murray has joined the popular NFT community Cool Cats, bringing his collection to multiple World of Women NFTs, a Cool Cat, and a CryptoPunk. (Cool Cats Twitter

GameStop just released an NFT marketplace. Right now, users can access the platform to buy, sell, and create NFTs, plus browse over 200 collections with more than 53,000 NFTs listed on the marketplace. (The Verge

Reddit has been experimenting with web3 for a while. In a new announcement, the social media platform announced they’re launching a new NFT-based avatar marketplace that allows users to purchase blockchain-based profile pictures for a fixed rate. (TechCrunch

 Developers are moving en masse to Ethereum-based chains like Polygon following recent developments in the Terra ecosystem. Over 48 projects and counting have made the migration. (Polygon Studios

A brand new NFT marketplace model has launched in SudoSwap, a decentralized AMM style marketplace (think Uniswap and LPs) but for NFTs. (SudoSwap