Each week, we’ll round up the hottest news across the DeFi ecosystem to help you keep up to speed. 

Remember Constitution DAO and their $40M crowdsourced bid for a copy of the Constitution? A new DAO with a big idea has entered the arena: BlockbusterDAO aims to “to liberate Blockbuster and form a DAO to collectively govern the brand as we turn Blockbuster into the first-ever DeFilm streaming platform and a mainstay of both the Web3 brands and products.” (BlockbusterDAO

After less than a month of deliberation and voting, two decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs) have consummated one of the biggest mergers in decentralized finance (DeFi) history. Rari ($RGT) and Fei Protocol ($TRIBE) are soon to be one protocol with two distinct teams. (CoinDesk

Terra (LUNA), an open-source stablecoin network, hit an all-time high of $20.05 billion in total value locked across its 13 product offerings according to industry data. On Dec. 1, Terra’s TVL was at $11.9 billion, signifying a 68% increase in less than a month. Terra is now the second-largest DeFi network behind Ethereum and ahead of Binance Smart Chain. (Coin Telegraph

B.Protocol is one of the many puzzle pieces in the patchwork landscape of decentralized finance. It had roughly $87 million in total value locked as of press time, according to data website DeFi Llama. (CoinDesk

Meta is targeting ‘deep compatibility’ with blockchain and Web 3, says incoming CTO. A senior executive at newly-branded Meta reportedly urged staff to explore ways in which the company could embrace blockchain technology. (DeCrypt