Manage Your Online Security Like A Pro 

At Bittrex, we put an emphasis on security and focus on providing a reliable trading platform for our customers. Cybercriminals are always looking for ways to try and take advantage of customers by accessing data and assets.  

We interviewed one of our top Security Specialists to provide you with a few tips to manage your online security in an efficient manner.  

Here are some steps you should take to keep your assets secure: 

1. Download a Password Manager 

  • Secure all accounts with a randomly generated password and save those in a well-known password manager like 1Password or LastPass.    
  • Do not reuse passwords for multiple sites. 
  • Do not use real answers for your security questions. Using a password manager can help keep track of these. 

2. Beware of unsecured devices

  • Do not use machines that are shared with multiple people, such as libraries, café PCs, etc. 
  • This can go for charging ports too. Do not charge your phone with random charging cables, these can be malicious and gain access to your phone. 

3. Add app-based 2FA Authentication on all accounts 

4. SIM Card Authentication 

  • Call your cellular provider to set up a complex SIM password to lock your SIM and save the password in your Password Manager. 

5. Phishing Prevention 

  • Don’t click on links that are unfamiliar or unexpected. 

6. Keep your devices up to date 

  • Ensure your devices and applications remain up to date, enable Automatic Updates if possible. 
  • Regularly scan devices with Anti-Virus Software
  • Never download or open files from people or websites you don’t trust
  • Be cautious of encrypted ZIP files and archives, these can be used to evade Anti-Virus software
  • Regularly back-up devices to allow for easy recovery in the event a device is lost or corrupted.

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