Why Everyone is Talking About the Bitcoin Halving

You might have heard about the Halvening before. Although it sounds ominous, it’s actually a bit of a celebration for the blockchain community, as it only happens every 4 years.

Tips to Avoid Phishing Scams

Read about some helpful tips for identifying and avoiding fake offers you may see when you’re following announcements from Bittrex on Twitter.

05 May 2020 , by Bittrex Team

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How to Prepare Your Crypto Taxes with Bittrex

This guide is solely to help you pull the information from Bittrex necessary for your taxes. You are encouraged to consult a tax professional if you need personalized advice.

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Bittrex Continues to Build for the Future

The next few months and years will provide a substantial opportunity for the crypto world to continue to evolve, adapt, and build a better open financial system.

The DeFi Drop Volume 40

17 Jun 22, by Bittrex Team

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In this edition of the DeFi Drop, we discuss Kanye West’s Yeezus brand as a possible NFT, Rollups, and Chipotle entering the crypto space.

BTC vs ETH – Decentralization

Decentralization is the cornerstone of blockchain. Let's take a closer look at how Bitcoin and Ethereum employ it to achieve their particular objectives.

5 Ways to Stay Protected Online

Staying protected against cybercrime is a shared responsibility – here are some important things you should do to keep yourself safe.