This is the amount of time your ADA must be staked before you can earn returns or withdraw it.
Flexible staking and trading
Minimum required
This is the minimum amount of ADA you must be holding in your wallet to be eligible for staking.
1 ADA (no maximum limit)

Cardano staking is now available straight from your Bittrex app and wallet. Staking offers Bittrex customers a way to earn rewards on their crypto. By staking ADA with Bittrex, you’ll earn rewards on the ADA in your Bittrex wallet.

Get Started with Staking
To get started, you must first own and hold ADA tokens inside of your Bittrex wallet. You can purchase ADA here. Then you need to opt-in to earn rewards.

If you’re on the website:
1. Navigate to the Earn Rewards tab under Holdings.
2. Click Start Earning to begin earning staking rewards on the Staking Rewards page.

If you’re on the mobile app:
1. Click on the More icon in the lower navigation.
2. Select Staking Rewards from the Earn Rewards section and click Start Earning.

Now you are ready to start earning and tracking your rewards on Bittrex!

To be eligible to stake with Bittrex, you must meet the following criteria:
Complete your identity verification (KYC)
• Accept the latest Bittrex Terms of Service
• Own at least one (1) ADA token for deposit
Opt-in from your Bittrex account

For further information, take a look at our Cardano resource page or contact support.

*There are no guaranteed rewards on staking, any staking rewards received may vary for any given time period based on market fluctuations and other factors.